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  • Alberhill Ranch Pool Updates

    Dear Alberhill Ranch Residents,                    


    You can enjoy the swimming pool and wader pool throughout the winter season. However, please note that the pool heater is currently off, and we expect to resume it March 22, 2024. This is subject to weather conditions.  We understand the inconvenience this may cause, but the Board and Management reviewed the projected cost of approximately $25,000 for gas utility costs for the daily average use of a few residents.


    There are local pool facilities available to serve our residents. During this “down time,” the pool will continue to receive annual maintenance and equipment repairs. The swimming pool and wader pool plastering project will commence within the next few months, including draining and refilling the pool to help improve daily chemical balance. Management will provide an update when the pools will be closed as soon as the work schedule has been finalized by the vendor, Gardner Pool Outdoor and Pool Remodeling.


    Thank you and Happy Holidays!

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